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Do you have a property that you need to sell? Why not sell your home in Indianapolis fast for cash? Our specialty is buying those houses that are a burden to you. Whether your Indianapolis house needs repairs, has back taxes, was inherited or is just plain ugly, call us! We buy your house for cash and we close on your schedule, not ours! We have a dedicated team of investors ready to pay you cash for your property, saving you time, commissions, and those draining realtor fees. Our system means more money in your pocket.

At The Indy Home Buyer we strongly believe that we are successful because we focus on making the selling process easy for any resident. When you sell your Indianapolis house fast for cash, every transaction is transparent, fair and quick. You can trust our timelines and bank on our no-obligation, free consultations and cash offers. We serve the greater Indianapolis area. Sell your house fast for cash in Beech Grove, Greenwood, Speedway, Marion County, Hendricks County, Hamilton County, Hancock County, Boone County and Shelby County.




When you are happy we win, and No Fees make sellers happy. Sell to The Indy Home Buyer and rest assured you will not have any fees of any type. Our free, no obligation consultation begins the process so you can sell your Indianapolis property with no hassle or fees.


When you sell your home with The Indy Home Buyer, you walk away from closing with cash in hand. Many times we can close within weeks if not days, no hassle to you! We have specialized in buying your Indianapolis area home for cash for over a decade.


Why waste your time and money repairing a property to sell in Indianapolis? Sell your house fast for cash! Bypass the headache and expense of costly repairs when you work with The Indy Home Buyer. Our goal is to buy your property as is for top dollar so you don’t waste time and money on repairs and maintenance. 




We work with you, the seller, personally and always try to find a solution that works for your situation.

Homeowners appreciate that we can eliminate the paperwork, time, and fees required to sell a house through a real estate agent.

Above all, we’re committed to honest dealings and satisfied customers.



Avoid paying realtors hefty commissions and know that you are selling your Indianapolis area property with the maximum profit for your bottom line. When we say no commissions, we mean it; don’t throw money away on realtor fees – call The Indy Home Boyer today and sell your house with no fees.



Feel free to pick up the phone and get started selling your house! We have a No Obligation Consultation that will show you clearly the timeline and bottom line. We have your best interest in mind and want your experience with The Indy Home Buyer to be stress free and profitable – call us today to get started!

Is it Really That Easy?


Yes, it is! We use our own cash to write you a check for your property, which eliminates the need for a loan or any approval from outside sources. We have the power to make decisions and close quickly – you save time and money when you work with The Indy Home Buyer.

Call The Indy Home Buyer today and don’t worry about your property any longer. 

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